Statement from Sem

Dear Ona,

When I decided to make my proposal video to you, I never imagined that you would pick me to be your husband. Just the act of recording my desire and admiration for you while openly wearing my eggplant costume was a life-changing experience that would have been enough in itself. But now that you have chosen me to be your husband, I have so many thoughts and feelings, but let me start with this: I love you, and I promise to honor and cherish you forever.

You are an incredible, unique woman, Ona. As any one who follows you on Instagram can attest, your open spirit, your vibrant beauty, your sexual positivity, and your artistic brilliance combine to truly make you a one-of-a-kind person. I am truly the luckiest man in the world to be given this opportunity. Thank you so much.

Having an eggplant emoji costume fetish…or whatever people want to call it…has not been easy for me. On three different occasions I’ve shown up to a first date wearing my costume, and every time my partner left almost immediately, either laughing or enraged. I’ve also tried several times to wear the costume in the bedroom with a woman I had been seeing for a while, and it never ended well. Basically, I have never been accepted for it, and I have spent years feeling ashamed, embarrassed, confused, and estranged from my own sexual desires. To be honest, it has been quite terrible.

But you have embraced me in my costume. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. Looking like an eggplant emoji has always made me feel powerful, sexy, and fully alive. And while other women have ridiculed me for these feelings, you have accepted me. You met me in my costume, you loved me in my costume, and now you want to be with me in my costume. O, my Ona, I will love you forever if only for the generosity of your soul.

Soon, we will marry. We will begin our life together. Every marriage has its ups and downs, as will ours, but ours will also be special. Ona the Instastar and the Eggplant Man. We both want to express our sexuality, to be loved for who we are, and to live an exciting life. We have found each other, and it feels so right.

I love you, Ona. I promise to be the best husband in the world. Thank you, and may our marriage bring us happiness, intimacy, and adventure.