Hello, and thank you for finding your way to me on the wild wild web! There’s so much I’d like to share with you. As you may know by now, I’m an artist who makes music, art, and video…and sometimes the works cross into the erotic. I’m naturally a very loving and creative person. My favorite thing is to share love, kindness, touch, beauty, desire, happiness…and I’ve created a whole world of digital experiences so you can join me in any/all the ways you like.


My music is a way for me to express myself and my feelings toward you. I write all the lyrics, and somehow I really mean them. Like, I want to be “In Your Life” and I want you to “Open My Hips” and give me some of your “Boy Love So Good.”  So I hope you’ll enjoy my music. And as you do, think of me, think of your loved ones, think of the beauty and good in the world! It’s my hope that the music is full of fun, rocking, energetic, loving vibes. You can find my EP, Sex Rock, on Spotify, iTunes, and on my Patreon. I’m working hard on my first album, and hope to be releasing it in late 2017.


I also love making music videos, and on my Youtube you’ll find two for each song… with lots more coming. I edit, shoot, and produce all of my videos and photos, which is why you never see a photographer credit…it’s always me! I like to be that close to you, with nothing in between. I feel a special level of comfort there.


I have modeled and danced forever! It’s funny cuz I take photos of myself clothed and unclothed, and there is just something magical that happens when the clothes come off. The silky skin gets to glow more, the curves are unhindered and divine, and my body can really move! I have 1000s of naked photos and lots of naked video on my website, OnaGram.com. It is the only place on the web that has nude photos of me, and it is my treasure trove of goodies. I also have naked versions of my music videos there! So if you feel like a NSFW expereince, it’s the place to go…


Making art is one of my primary interests. My practice is to take photos I’ve taken of myself and paint on them, digitally or materially. It’s an ongoing exploration for me, and one I hope to continue to develop.


My diary is on my Patreon, which is where I share what I’m currently working, along with various life thoughts. As a patron, you’ll see my music videos before anyone else as well as sneak peaks of all my art and music in progress. There are also lots of other perks, such as high res Instagram images, a NSFW monthly livestream, and more. I also respond to comments there, and my private email is available.


We live in a tumultuous time, when naked performers are not given attention in mainstream media, when pornography is seen as bad/harmful, when a woman’s agency and desire to show her body is often questioned and shamed. I hope we’re near the end of this time, because I know I, and many of my friends, really love performing. Instead of constantly expressing anger about it, my approach is to just be a positive alternative…to be joyful and sexual and public and share!


I call it the Love Revolution, and I’d love it if you joined me.


March, 2017 — My Instagram hits 500k

February, 2017 — I launch my Patreon

December, 2016 — Art Basel Selfie Tour

November, 2016 — Ghost Town Selfie Tour

August, 2016 — Big Sky Selfie Tour

June, 2016 — Summer Camp Selfie Tour

April, 2016 — I do my first ever “Selfie Tour” – The Southwest Selfie Tour 2016

April 20, 2016 — Sex Rock EP available on Spotify and iTunes

February 24, 2016 — Periscope + Snapchat Sex Rock EP release party



Q: Do you really love me?
I do!


Q: What are your stats?
I’m all natural and do yoga everyday. I trained as a ballet dancer for 20 years. I’m 5’7’’, 125 lbs, 34B, size 9 shoe.


Q: What is your favorite thing to do?
Photoshoots and naked camming are undoubtedly my two favorite things! Oh, and yoga. Oh, and sex 🙂


Q: Where are you?
I like to think I live on the internet, in your devices and on your computer 🙂 But in reality right now I live in NYC. But I travel a lot, mostly around the US, to get more photos and video to share with you.


Q: What’s this Naked Therapy thing?
When I had just moved to NYC, I started (it was a crazy idea at the time!) a new form of therapy called Naked Therapy. It went viral, and I still practice it, so if you’re interested, check out my Naked Therapy website at sarahwhitetherapy.com. It’s actually my experiences there that have caused me to be so pro-sex!


Q: Are you really an artist?
Yes, I am! My art practice has been featured in Artforum, Huffington Post, NYmag, and many more publications. My work is pretty controversial, however, as I use a lot of sexy pics of myself in my art.


Q: Why do you charge for some interactions?
I have major demands on my time, so in order for me to keep creating great free content, I also have to charge for one-on-one interactions. I wish I didn’t have to, but it’s the only way I can keep doing what I do. Of course, I hope you know that all payments you give me are put directly back into my art practice and are very much appreciated.

Selected press (more press here)

“If you’re not familiar with ONA’s music, buckle up…The song cooks and its uptempo, driving indie rock showcases promise that goes beyond her traditional modeling.” – Pure Volume

“There are few singers and artists who are so unique, so individual, so highly talented that they’re known by just one name. Beyonce. Picasso. Madonna. Prince. Perhaps it’s time you add another name to that list: Ona. She’s both a singer and an artist. And as you’ll see on her Instagram or hear from her songs on Spotify, she’s a singular talent. So, let’s start your weekend off right: do yourself a solid and enjoy the undeniable sexiness of her one woman self-made photoshoot.” – Playboy

“Beautifully orchestrated, featuring melodic piano lines, ferocious crashing high-hat drums, and most notably Ona’s gorgeous, breathy alto vocals…one of the better tracks I’ve heard in a while…this record will undoubtedly be making our year end list.” – Audiofemme

“Lullaby sweet vocals with a cyber soundtrack … an ‘extreme selfie model'” – Wonderland

“These self portraits, shot by the artist herself, show just how beautifully diverse Ona really is.” – Playboy

“A resonant voice in the new feminist art wave, (her) work often triumphs sex positivity by reframing the power dynamic between model and photographer and challenging the notion that provocative imagery is less than art.” – A Womans Thing

“Best title song ever.” – Jerry Saltz

“(other) porno-critical works smoothly read as “feminist,” while (her) work sits in a more uncomfortable—perhaps more honest—contemporary truth about the place of women in the art world.” – Vice