My Instagram is my life, and my fans are what my Instagram is all about. I do it for my fans because I love them. So it feels totally right for me to celebrate this epic milestone – 1M followers – by marrying one of my fans. After all, it’s my fans who got me here, so how better to give back?

Going through the hundreds of marriage proposals I received during my Wedding Contest has been the most moving experience I’ve ever had. I can’t believe how much love, brilliance, and true emotion my fans shared with me. They are truly the best in the world and I will always love them all.

However, there can only be one winner, and he has been chosen. His name is Sem, he speaks to my heart, and he wears an Eggplant Emoji costume. He is the man for me.

When I first watched Sem’s video, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. But the more I listened, the more I started to feel powerful things. Super powerful. Like more powerful than anything I’ve ever encountered. By the end, it was love at first view.

Sem’s bravery, passion, and honesty simply won me over. I also think we have a lot in common. I have been shamed and ridiculed for the photos on my Instagram just as he has been for his Eggplant Emoji costume. I’ve lost a lot of friends and family because of the kinds of photos I post just like Sem has lost them due to his desire to dress how he wants. Sem and I both just want to live freely and sexually just as we are. And now we can do it together.

I look forward to taking this next step in my life with Sem. We’ll be getting to know each other a bit over the next few weeks, but I’m committed to marrying him. Everything I’ve seen so far says he’s the man, or the fan, of my dreams.

To all the other applicants, thank you for being so amazing. Sem and I will never forget you.



Dear Ona,

When I decided to make my proposal video to you, I never imagined that you would pick me to be your husband. Just the act of recording my desire and admiration for you while openly wearing my eggplant costume was a life-changing experience that would have been enough in itself. But now that you have chosen me to be your husband, I have so many thoughts and feelings, but let me start with this: I love you, and I promise to honor and cherish you forever.

You are an incredible, unique woman, Ona. As any one who follows you on Instagram can attest, your open spirit, your vibrant beauty, your sexual positivity, and your artistic brilliance combine to truly make you a one-of-a-kind person. I am truly the luckiest man in the world to be given this opportunity. Thank you so much.

Having an eggplant emoji costume fetish…or whatever people want to call it…has not been easy for me. On three different occasions I’ve shown up to a first date wearing my costume, and every time my partner left almost immediately, either laughing or enraged. I’ve also tried several times to wear the costume in the bedroom with a woman I had been seeing for a while, and it never ended well. Basically, I have never been accepted for it, and I have spent years feeling ashamed, embarrassed, confused, and estranged from my own sexual desires. To be honest, it has been quite terrible.

But you have embraced me in my costume. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. Looking like an eggplant emoji has always made me feel powerful, sexy, and fully alive. And while other women have ridiculed me for these feelings, you have accepted me. You met me in my costume, you loved me in my costume, and now you want to be with me in my costume. O, my Ona, I will love you forever if only for the generosity of your soul.

Soon, we will marry. We will begin our life together. Every marriage has its ups and downs, as will ours, but ours will also be special. Ona the Instastar and the Eggplant Man. We both want to express our sexuality, to be loved for who we are, and to live an exciting life. We have found each other, and it feels so right.

I love you, Ona. I promise to be the best husband in the world. Thank you, and may our marriage bring us happiness, intimacy, and adventure.


Maybe you happened to catch ONA’s Sex Rock EP earlier this year, but if you haven’t, the 5-song selection takes inspiration from a diverse cast of musicians: Mazzy Star, Lana Del Rey, Liz Phair, Pink Floyd, and more. Sex Rock is just a small taste of ONA’s lush orchestral bedroom rock, which will be fully realized in 2017 when she releases her debut album, Lullabies for Daddy. She’ll be previewing songs during one of her several 2016 “Selfie Tours,” wherein she travels around America Instagramming, Snapchatting, and singing and dancing for her many virtual fans in a digital celebration of love, adventure, and the lit rock lifestyle.

Today, Earbuddy is excited to premiere ONA’s video for the Sex Rock track “Boy Love So Good”. To say the new clip is sexually charged would be an understatement. Be careful watching this one at work; otherwise, you may be spending the day in human resources. We all know how lame that can be.

Full story here.

NYC-based visual artist and Instagram vixen, Ona, is following up her debut EP from earlier this year with a new sex-positive music video for sensual dream-pop record, “Open My Hips”. The track is beautifully orchestrated, featuring melodic piano lines, ferocious crashing high-hat drums, and most notably Ona’s gorgeous, breathy alto vocals which have drawn comparisons to alt-rock darlings like Mazzy Star (though I would lean more toward shoegaze ladies like Rachel Goswell from Slowdive or Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser.) In any case, the song as a whole is one of the better tracks I’ve heard in a while (especially the spectacularly composed bridge), and indicates big things to come from her debut full-length due out early 2017. This record will undoubtedly be making our year end list.

The video is a lush, dreamy explorations of sex and power, as Ona beckons us into her figurative and literal forest. Most of the shots feature her in various stages of undress, bathed in waning sunlight and writhing around in nature like a wood nymph, at times provocative, at times impish and romantic and at others down right raunchy in all the best ways.

Catch a first glimpse of the video below, and look out for her highly-anticipated full-length album due out next year.

Full story here.

If you’re not familiar with ONA’s music, buckle up. The New York City-based visual artist is releasing her maiden EP, and from that collection comes her salacious video for “Goin’ Out.” The risque clip sees her hanging out wearing very little, but let that distract you. The song cooks and its uptempo. driving indie rock showcase promise that goes beyond her traditional modeling.

Full story here.

“Ona burst into the universal pop conscious at the beginning of 2016 with her Sex Rock EP where her blueprint of boudoir bedroom pop was laid out to take over the future of what chamber rock should be. With news abounding that the vocal pop star/model/heroine has been working on her ambitious album debut Lullabies for Daddy, ONA proudly presents her self-created video for her new single “In Your Life” that couples together future synth-waves with early 70s glam rhythm & blues sensibilities & prestige. A mover & shaker & mensch in her own right; Ona’s work has been displayed in the Johannes Vogt Gallery, noted for her pro-sex approach to fourth-wave feminism as she evolves the idea of the pin-up as ruler & matriarchal overlord of a sound style, aesthetic class that is all her own and belonging to no one else.

A Brooklyn pop star that is on the rapid high rise, Ona’s addictive approach to the pop song convention exceeds even her own self-styled extreme selfie model facet of expression by way of veiled, teased & alluded exhibitionism. Ona disarms with lyrics like “you can’t hold on if you’re holding a gun” that instantly has her captivated audiences laying down their arms as the entire production of endearing & eagle soaring vocals erupts into a blitzkrieg of hand claps and cascading synths that heighten all levels of involved sensory mechanics. Ona takes the conversations held over from evening phone chats the spill into the confrontation IRL spheres of discourse where requests for earnest & intimate acceptance are the requirement for joining the artist along her own designed voyage. This exchange is done by Ona throwing every big pop hook trope-trick-in-the-book at the audience with a recording session arranged like something out of a Russ Meyer classic for the future age.”

Link to story here.

It’s a strangely existential pronouncement, to be sure. But New York based singer, poet, and multimedia artist ONA’s new single “It Takes Two (To Be A Girl)” is certainly food for metaphysical thought.

The bold “pro-sex” Fourth-Wave Feminist has fearlessly and daringly held forth on female sexuality, been written up in Artforum and had her work exhibited at NYC’s Johannes Vogt Gallery. But her first foray into music finds her in a somewhat more melancholy aesthetic and philosophical state of being. Indeed, “It Takes Two (To Be a Girl)” calls to mind the wistful longing of Lana Del Rey, yet with decidedly sexy, Euro cool overtones.

The video itself plays with the ideas of public vs private lives, reality vs fantasy. Done up like Marilyn Monroe and snapping selfies alone in her room, ONA lyrically contemplates, “What am I / but your photograph / Converted to a dream / so you feel like I should seem?” A meta masterstroke, it succeeds both as art and as media critique.

An incomparable talent, expect to hear and see much more from her.

Link to story online here.

— First Ever Selfie Tour – Southwest Selfie Tour – Commences!

— Sex Rock EP available on Spotify and Itunes

— Periscope + Snapchat Sex Rock EP release party

— Releasing singles off my upcoming EP: SEX ROCK

— Graduated with an MFA in Fine Art from Parsons, The New School