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“Lullaby sweet vocals with a cyber soundtrack [from] an ‘extreme selfie model.’” – Wonderland

ONA launched into the music scene with her debut EP “Sex Rock” in early 2016. Her unique orchestral bedroom rock combines intimate soft vocals, an edgy contemporary soundscape, and poetic sensual lyrics. Mixing Mazzy Star and Lana Del Rey with Pink Floyd and Liz Phair, ONA is a kind of flower child for the Internet age. Hailing from Brooklyn, she is also an art world darling whose “extreme selfie model” images have been critically acclaimed in Artforum and shown at galleries around the world. Her first album, Lullabies for Daddy, will be released in early 2017, but she’ll be previewing songs during one of her several 2016 “Selfie Tours,” wherein she travels around America Instagramming, Snapchatting, and singing and dancing for her many virtual fans in a digital celebration of love, adventure, and the lit rock lifestyle.


Hear her Sex Rock EP on Soundcloud, iTunes or Spotify.


She was recently named a Playboy Muse and has appeared in Artforum, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Vice, Dazed, Purple, Huff Post, NY Daily, New York Magazine, and more. Her full press list as Ona is here, and her full press list for other projects is here.


Some Press Quotes:

“An incomparable talent [who] calls to mind the wistful longing of Lana Del Rey, yet with decidedly sexy, Euro cool overtones.” – Black Book

“Best title song ever.” – Jerry Saltz

“These self portraits, shot by the artist herself, show just how beautifully diverse Ona really is.” – Playboy

“A resonant voice in the new feminist art wave, [her] work often triumphs sex positivity by reframing the power dynamic between model and photographer and challenging the notion that provocative imager is less than art.” – A Women’s Thing

“[other] porno-critical works smoothly read as “feminist,” while [her] work sits in a more uncomfortable—perhaps more honest—contemporary truth about the place of women in the art world.” – Vice


Her unpublished music videos from the Sex Rock EP are below and are available for a feature/release:

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